Large Burnished Brass Geometric Terrarium

Large Burnished Brass Geometric Terrarium

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Artificial Succulants in a large burnished brass and glass terrarium. 


Terrariums have been making a place for themselves in contemporary homes for many years and they're a trend that looks set to be big in 2018. They're a great addition to a space that lacks plant life and a great companion for even the worst gardeners out there (especially as these contain super realistic looking faux plants!) 


These terrariums are a stunning contemporary twist on the traditional style with their geometric shape and metal edges, theyre a statement that will be a welcome addition to any home. 


This shape will look stunning on a fireplace, side table or brightening up your kitchen. 

  • While terrariums are often billed as maintenance free, anyone who’s had one longer than a few months can tell you this isn’t true. From cleaning the glass to trimming plants, terrariums containing live plants require more time commitment and expertise than some of us are prepared to give. 


    That’s where artificial plant terrariums come in, no looking after this plant as if its a pet! 


    A great tip for removing dust from the plants is to simply give them a light blast with a hairdryer on the cold setting. 

  • 20cm W x 20cm D x 28cm H