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Dress Yourshelf

See what we did there... 

Shelving can be a great addition to your home but it can also be a difficult one to accessorise. The wrong layout and you can be left with unbalanced displays and the wrong combination can cause shelves to look cluttered.  

Whilst it can be a great opportunity to show off photographs, store books and display ornaments you need to make sure the balance is rights we've put together some top tips to help you nail the look. 


Top Tips

  • Use tall items on the side closest to the edge of the room to draw the eye along and up giving the impression of space

  • Group most items in 3’s or odd numbers to create a less ‘predictable’ look

  • Layer objects in front of each other to create a sense of depth

  • Heavy ornaments make perfect alternative book ends

  • Us different textures to create a more interesting feature e.g. glass, plants and ceramics.

  • Use 1 or 2 accent colours to prevent your shelves from looking complicated or over the top.



Picture Rails 

A great alternative to a gallery wall

  • Play around with your layout before you commit to the length of your picture rails. 

  • Layer to create a more interesting layout.

  • If your juxtaposing two picture rails then keep the layout simple and mirror the theme on both. (we stuck to 3 items per rail on our picture rails shown above)


Above all, be creative and don't be afraid to try something new! 

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