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Autumn '18

2018 has included not just days, but weeks of glorious sunshine and temperatures reaching (and exceeding!) the 30 mark meaning a rare British summer that's worthy of its name...hurrah!

Whilst I don't want to wish away the warm weather just yet i'm always excited to see the next seasons trends coming through and theres something really lovely about introducing those cosy textiles and warming up our homes in preparation for fall. 

We'll be bringing you a more detailed look over the coming months but in the mean time here's an overview of some key trends to look out for. 


Brilliant Blue

It's here to stay...yay! 

Blue is always timeless in Interiors due to its calm and tranquil vibes however it's the getting the right shade that matters. Navy is a classic colour that will always have its place in homes and thats continuing to remain strong this autumn.

We're seeing slightly varying shades of navy with the deep almost black blues becoming less popular and shades of Indigo and cobalt making an appearance to help with the evenings drawing in. These shades offer a little more warmth and cosiness. 

Keep your walls simple and go for a statement piece of furniture and accessories to introduce the colour subtly and create a transitional summer-autumn look. 


Organic Linens

The natural lifestyle has proved contagious

Whilst soft warm greys have been popular for a few years we've seen an increasing shift away from plush velvets and metallic accents into a more eco natural look. Linens and natural cottons with wood accents create a tranquil environment for the home so we can see why its growing in popularity. Team it with sage greens for a truly calm interior or warm oranges to really embrace the earth tones. 


Parquet Paradise 

Not just for your floors

It was only natural for the obsession for geometric style to reveal itself in the traditional art of Parquetry and perhaps its the organic shift in interiors thats helped this trend to flourish. Whilst we've seen parquet furniture in the past, especially with Art Deco styles, its having a bit of a modern makeover. 


Saying goodbye to summer doesn't look so bad after all! 

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